We created an E-book about biodiversity concepts, initiatives and challenges in Europe,
with a specific focus to it in Portugal, Spain and North Macedonia.
It covers the background and theories as well as insights, research and case studies on the importance of biodiversity, what constitutes a healthy ecosystem, and how to protect biodiversity in Portugal, Spain and North Macedonia. The biodiversity themes also link to broader sustainability issues, including the European Union’s policy in the area, and how these are impacted by biodiversity degradation, or on the contrary, improved by biodiversity conservation.

The E-book is based on the following themes:

What is biodiversity?
What constitutes a healthy ecosystem and why it is important to protect them?
The approach of the participating countries.
The approach of the European Union – The Biodiversity Strategy for 2030.
Global approaches to protect biodiversity – case studies and best examples.
What is urban biodiversity?
How can people protect biodiversity locally?
Opportunities to protect biodiversity around the world.