Associação MY MADEIRA ISLAND is a non-profit association with the aim of supporting the cultural and social development of Madeira Island through the organization of various cultural and educational events and online activities; and helping young people find online employment opportunities (due to a very limited job market on the island) through the development of digital and soft skills. We also aim to develop social and personal competencies of young people and adults by organising local and international projects, camps, training courses, conferences, seminars, consultations, lectures and other educational activities, based on non-formal education principles. We also run a slow news magazine – on a volunteering basis. The magazine talks about the island of Madeira and its people – aiming to promote the island, increase its touristic potential (which is practically the only industry here), and also to present the island through the stories of its people.

SFERA International

The Association for sustainable development SFERA INTERNATIONAL – Bitola (in continuation: SFERA INTERNATIONAL – Bitola) focuses on youth and all citizens of the municipality of Bitola to achieve its main goals, activities and actions in accordance to our mission that is raise awareness and to educate local communities, using non-formal education methods, about environment protection, cultural and natural heritage, healthy lifestyle, long-term sustainable youth development, and youth active participation through volunteerism in North Macedonia.

SFERA INTERNATIONAL, as an association, will achieve its goals with coordination and regulations determined by the Constitution of Republic of North Macedonia, as well as other legal norms which regulate this area.

A member of the Association can be any citizen, in coordination with the Statute of the association. Membership in the association is voluntary, and can be achieved with accepting the Statute of the association, the goals of the association, and signing an application. The organization has more than 600 members with profiles ranging from high-school students to professionals.


Created in 2021, Abrazo House Association is a not-for-profit legal entity which seeks to propagate the vision of Abrazo House. Its objectives are to:

disseminate knowledge and understanding of ecology;

promote comprehensive learning in four general areas: intellectual, emotional, spiritual and practical;

promote sustainable and regenerative lifestyles;

promote harmonious relations between humanity and nature;

recover and conserve biodiversity and landscape;

promote the management of natural heritage: species, habitats, associated ecological processes and landscapes, focused mainly on Cantabria.

The Association’s work is supported by grants and donations.