Biodiversity Outdoor Learning is a 1-year long international Erasmus+ project between Portugal, Spain and North Macedonia.

Project Goal

To learn about biodiversity and what opportunities there are for participants to protect it at the local level

Join us

Play an exciting and informative treasure hunt game using our app in three locations: Funchal, Bitola and Cantabria


Why Biodiversity Matters

Natural History Walks

Biodiversity Treasure Hunts

Project Partners

Associação MY MADEIRA ISLAND is a non-profit association with the aim of supporting the cultural and social development of Madeira Island through the organization of various cultural and educational events and online activities


Madeira, Portugal

The Association for sustainable development SFERA INTERNATIONAL – Bitola focuses on youth and all citizens of the municipality of Bitola to achieve its main goals, activities and actions

SFERA International

Bitola, North Macedonia

Created in 2021, Abrazo House Association is a not-for-profit legal entity which seeks to propagate the vision of Abrazo House


Cantabria, Spain

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